And so it begins!

December was, hands down, Sunny’s favorite month. Ironic, considering his name, but there was something innately pleasurable about the brisk wind that bit his cheek which bloomed with a slight pink as he walked down the immeasurably cracked sidewalks.

We’ve started our 3rd novel, MCCF! (Yes, it’s a working title, no, you don’t need to know what it stands for.) Chapter 1 has been written- czech it out here.



Hello lovelies!

I am Megha (aka Meg) and I write (decent) novels along with my darling best friend Cassidy (aka Cass).

We are intense, thoughtful, stressful and passionate girls who love writing, and we’re excited for you to join us on this wild ride.

ImageMegha on the left, Cassidy on the right 

(yeah idk why I’m putting the picture up either)